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Deepti Naval And Mahesh Manjrekar’s  Characters Are Inspired From My Parents Says Producer Sidharth P Malhotra

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Love means different things to different people. With Valentine’s Day around the corner writer-producer, Siddharth P Malhotra brings yet another take on love with a heart-warming web series titled “Pawan & Pooja.”  This relationship drama explores the lives of 3 couples – all coincidentally named Pawan and Pooja who at different stages of their lives discover that their love is indeed conditional, breakable and questionable.

Siddharth P Malhotra has drawn inspiration for Pawan Kalra (Mahesh Manjrekar) & Pooja Kalra  (Deepti Naval) from his parents and other friends’ parents as well.
Pawan and Pooja Kalra are a loving couple in their 60s who have decided to live their life on their own terms like there is no tomorrow. Siddharth recalls the time when his father started life again with only Rs 36 in his pocket and built a huge empire out of it. But back then, with that money, the two lived and worked hard to survive. “Even when I (Siddharth) and my sister settled and became independent, my parents still were concerned for our future and even now they worry about the grandkids. And all this when we want them to live for themselves because they have done more than enough for us and others. ”

Siddharth is eternally grateful to his parents. “Parents silently sacrifice a lot of things to give you the best. It is their way of expressing love and affection. We just need to realize it and reciprocate.”

Malhotra added, “Mahesh Manjrekar and Deepti Naval have done absolute justice to these characters. They have understood the skin, the emotions and have not treated Pawan and Pooja like mere characters in a show. I didn’t have to tell them much about the script or characters, in fact my generation will relate to these parents and couples as our generation has witnessed the sacrifices our parents made for us.”

Talking about the other couple, Mr. Malhotra said that people around him inspire him and “that’s how I got my next Pawan and Pooja. Pawan Mehra (Sharman Joshi) & Pooja Mehra (Gul Panag) are inspired by a very dear friend of mine and her husband. Despite being married for twenty years it is unbelievable to see the chemistry between them – as if they have fallen in love for the first time. It sounds like a perfect romantic movie but tough days come in everyone’s life,” Mr. Malhotra explains.

Pawan and Pooja Mehra are a couple in their 40s who work in the film industry and are at a point where monotony has set into their relationship. To salvage their love together, they agree on a plan, which however boomerangs to a point of no return.

Pawan Srivastav (Taaruk Raina) and Pooja Maheshwari (Natasha Bharadwaj), the third couple on the show, depict a modern-day romance. Amidst the rush to stand out on social media and wanting to be different, these two collide and this sparks love between them.

Siddharth concludes by saying “Pawan & Pooja will represent real love as felt by people, it is not all fancy and glittery as we are made to believe in. It also tells you that if you have to be online in a relationship you need to be offline from social media. We can all connect to it. There are parts where I’ve laughed my heart out as well as cried at scenes as I have seen them in real-life”.

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