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Defying The Star-System, Mentor Sandeep Ingale Launches 11  Star-Material Fresh Faces

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Chaitanya  Padukone

The latest sensation in showbiz following the fabulous event at Sin City, last night  anchored by web-sensation hot-babe Anveshi  Jain, is this New Year (2020)  calendar . Launched by ‘showman’ producer Sandeep Ingale (Siddhi Films) who has dared to defy  the conventional norms of casting only popular top celeb  ‘A-List’ stars for each month.  Instead, he has cast relatively lesser known  or upcoming  yet photogenic shapely eleven tall, toned, smoking-hot, star-material girls for his lavishly-shot latest calendar with the innovative theme of ‘Lens Queen-2020’    Explains Sandeep,  “In our Bollywood industry most of the debuting female talents are related to either the producer, director or are by-birth ‘star-daughters’ . There are very few like Kangana ( ‘Queen’) Ranaut or Deepika Padukone who are ‘not’ from a filmy family. All our discovery calendrar-girl models are so attractive that you just can’t ignore them.  Actually I am confident that these gorgeous girls would soon be spotted by  eminent film-makers,  web-shows directors   or TV shows producers and leading TV channels and will get a ‘big break’ which they deserve. It’s an excellent creative collaboration team work by  famous fashion director-stylist  Retesh Narain,  ace photographer Rohan Gandotra and their assistants with ‘creatives’ support by Narendra Gupta and of course the enthusiasm of all the models,” insists Ingale who also organizes events and produced classy music-videos. The photogenic eleven models include (sensuous beauty-queen) Shailja Sharma,  Surabina Karki, Siddhi Ahuja, Zaiinab, Violina,  Sujata Baudh, Sneha Singh, Shweta Srivastava, Akanksha Sharda, Deepa Devendra and Anaika Nair . Some of the stunning models like Nepali films actress Surabina are trained in acting while Siddhi has acted in Punjabi projects, but have yet to strike it big in Bollywood.

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