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Delnaaz Irani Craves For People To See Her In A Brand New Light


Jyothi Venkatesh

Delnaaz Irani is back in action with the popular show Choti Sarrdaarni in a role she’s never been seen in before. She was last seen in ‘Partners Trouble Ho Gayi Double’ Throwing some more light on her character she says,” The entry of my character Martha will be pathbreaking in Choti Sarrdaarni and she will bring a huge change in Meher and Sarabjeet’s life. It will create a lot of ups and downs. She is a very stern personality but at the same time very caring and loving. She has a handicapped child and she has loads of responsibility. I can’t talk about the changes she will bring in Meher and Sarabjeet’s life. It is also non-comical and the look of the character is very classy. Martha is not at all a loud character and that attracted me towards this.”

Delnaaz is back on television after one and a half years and she feels no actor would have said no to this character. She adds,” This is a great opportunity to work with this show. This is an extremely powerful show and also after Bigg Boss, I have not done anything on Colors. The break was far too long and getting back on screen with this role is a beautiful feeling.” Delnaaz who is in the industry for two decades feels the change in the number of people wanting to act. She says,” The major change which I have noticed in the last two decades is no dearth of creative talent. A lovely transformation is happening. Technically we could have better infrastructure, a safer environment in terms of better makeup rooms and also hygiene. As we get to spend almost 12 hours on a set, these aspects are important.”

Speaking about her focus now as an actor she says,”I believe I am a good actor who happens to excel in comical roles for so many years. I really want people to see me in a new light, I want the producers to focus on my versatility and let me prove that I can also pull off other shades. I am telling them to please take a risk because if the producer will not break an actor’s image then who will?  I am sure as an actor one will do a grand job because a good actor will always be a good actor irrespective of the role and the character.  I would like to explore the web series format and also the short films space. The variety of shades which this space provides is excellent. To me medium was never an issue, I gave one and a half years continuously to the theatre. And I enjoyed every bit of it. I want to try every space.”