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Delnaaz Irani says that she is grateful for everything in life

Seasoned actor Delnaaz Irani says the coronavirus pandemic has made her realize to find happiness, peace and value everything that she has in life. Last year when the coronavirus pandemic hit India, Delnaaz says at a time when a lot of people were badly hit due to it she was thankful to God for many things she had in life. “I have realized there were so many people suffering, financially or emotionally. So we must be grateful for everything and be peaceful with what we have in our own life,” Delnaaz says.
Jyothi Venkatesh
She points out jealousy, being envious; comparison etc should not hold importance in our lives. “I feel very blessed and grateful about the several things that I have and that is why happiness, peace and positivity comes in,” she adds. Being the spiritual person that Delnaaz has been, she believes connection with god is important and for her the almighty is a go-to-person for all her problems and everything in life.

“I do believe in the powers of prayers and karma. There is a power of good thoughts, good deeds, good words, besides all this, I believe your actions, the way you treat people, the kind of human being you are is very important,” she shares. The actor says whenever she has been in a problem she could feel the supreme power of God, who has often helped her sail smoothly in her bad times.

“There is someone who is protecting us, there is some light that gives strength to get out of all the negativity and come out as a stronger being,” she says. Being a Parsi, Delnaaz says she respects all the religions and has immense faith in Lord Hanuman, Lord Ganesh. “I follow the path of Zoroastrianism, I follow Prophet Zarthushtra and there are Parsi prayers which I recite every day. The most peaceful thing is listening to soulful music like bhajans every morning. It is positive beginning of the day,” she adds.