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Delnaaz Irani’s Hello Zindagi Gets Roaring Applause In Mumbai

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Delnaaz Irani is on cloud nine after the phenomenal response her play Hello Zindagi has received in Mumbai. The Mumbai premiere was held recently and got a standing ovation. “The response has been fantastic. This is technically our 11th show. Felicitate Theatre is a growing theatre company and they have already done so many productions. I have been part of the play, Wrong Number as well. And, they have Mahabharat and now, Hello Zindagi. We have already finished 11 shows in one month and this was the first show in Mumbai,” she says.

Delnaaz Irani - Guddu Maruti- Jhonny Lever- Ali Asgar
Delnaaz Irani – Guddu Maruti- Jhonny Lever- Ali Asgar

The actor adds that this kind of feedback helps her to perform better. “The response was huge and great. The audience’s response was tremendous and that is necessary for an actor to perform well on stage,” she says.

Delnaaz with Rushad Rana
Delnaaz with Rushad Rana

Ask her how it was to perform with so many other actresses, and she says, “When usually a play happens with multiple women, the director and production people are always very careful and on their toes. But our director Raman Kumar ji said that this is the best team he has worked with. We bond really well, Minissha (Lamba, actress) is a very sweet soul and very good at heart. Kishwer (Merchant, actress) and I go a long way back as we have done so many plays together and we share a very good bond. Guddi ji is marvellous and extremely professional. We have been extremely supportive of each other and we were there for each other. We are very happy to work with director Raman Kumar and Rahul Bhuchar. In one year, we have already done 50 shows of Wrong Number and in one month, we did 11 shows of Hello Zindagi, which is incredible. It’s a great feeling for theatre artists.”

Delnaaz with Urvashi Dholakia
Delnaaz with Urvashi Dholakia

Delnaaz’s  friends Urvashi Dholakia, Rushad Rana and Ali Asger were also spotted at the play premiere.

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