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Despite Injury, Randeep Hooda Hopes To Participate In National Equestrian League Next Month


Jyothi Venkatsh

It is a known fact that besides his love for acting, there is one more thing that actor Randeep Hooda is passionate about, and that is horse riding. The actor, who is back from the shoot of the Chris Hemsworth-starrer Dhaka in Thailand, took part in the qualifying rounds for the National Equestrian League in Mumbai. However, he sustained an ankle injury. But this has not deterred the actor who is determined to recover soon and participate in the league next month.”The Regional Equestrian League is happening in Mumbai after 33 years at the Mahalaxmi Race Course this year. The club was keen that I participate,” says Hooda, adding that he was “a little out of practice”. “As a rule, if you fall off the horse, you are disqualified. [Unfortunately], during the race, my horse stopped mid-way. In my bid to hold on to it, I had to exert a lot of pressure on my ankle, and ended up with a sprain.”However, despite the injury, Hooda participated in the second qualifying round that was held on Monday. Stating that he has been on painkillers, Hooda adds, “The next one is on February 25, so I still have a chance. For now, I am taking ample rest.”

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