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Dev And His Black Shirt

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Dev Anand was at the peak of his success in the sixties. He could have signed as many films as he wanted because people, especially women were crazy about him.  But he never signed more than 5 films in a year and that too at his own price. He once told me, Ali, if I had signed every film that came my way, I could have bought half of Bombay, but I never did as I was very keen about doing good work which lasts.

In the same sixties, Dev is said to have walked out of his house in a black shirt and that led to a storm among women who always found him handsome but found him irresistible in that black shirt. The craze about Dev in a black shirt is said to have created hysteria among women and the police and the Government authorities had to step in and they “Banned” Dev Anand from wearing a black shirt and he never wore a black shirt in his life again.

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