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“Development Comes With A Cost” Says Actress Mitaali Nag

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Mitaali Nag of Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop fame expresses her concern towards plantation of tress after authorities began cutting down trees at Mumbai’s Aarey Colony for a metro car shed, merely hours after the Bombay High Court dismissed all petitions against the move.

Voicing her concern, she says “I am neither pro tree cutting, nor am I anti development. Metro connectivity is definitely a step towards development but cutting trees down for the same is not something I personally feel positive about. Having said that, I understand that development comes with a cost”

“What is done is done. I did not have to power to stop the tree cutting. But what I can do is instead of posting about it on my SM profiles, take step towards it. The government claims that they planted a particular number of trees against the ones which were required to be chopped off. Now it’s my turn. So I have started planting trees. Cuz I believe that that is something in my power and that will certainly help the environment” adds our Afsar Bitiya.

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