Dhadak Movie Review – A Fresh Perspective To Old Concept

As we all know, film Dhadak, directed by Shashank Khetan & Produced by Karan Johar is inspired by Marathi Cinema’s hit movie Sairat & both movies have few similarities like two new stars of Bollywood, Ishaan Khattar & Janhvi Kapoor are hitting the big screen & the love story questions a serious issue of our nation ‘Honour Killing’.

The film has beautifully captured city Udaipur, Ishaan Khattar as Madhu belongs from a middle-class family & Janhvi Kapoor as Parthivi daughter of a millennial Ratan Singh (Ashutosh Rana) studies in the same college and they fell in love. But when Janhvi’s father came to know about this he sends his all the force to murder Madhu but Parthvi bravely rescue him from his brother & father. After, this they elope and starts living in Mumbai, Nagpur & Kolkata respectively. A Bengali couple helps them to settle in the city, they both got married and become parents of a son. In between Parthivi’s brother discovers that they are living in Kolkata, he comes there with few of his friends to find them. For more story, you need to watch the film.

Sairat is considered as one of the blockbuster movies of Marathi Cinema and it has been dubbed in many languages. Director, Shashank Khetan has made slight changes in the location and story while making the remake but didn’t touch the music (Thank God). The first half is very lengthy, the movie takes a twist only in the second half. Although its a remake, the film sets are beautiful, the location is fresh and so the lead faces.

You will be surprised after watching the film because it’s totally different from the Karan Johar’s taste, as he is known to make romantic and familial movies.

The film has new star cast and Janhvi is entirely different from her mother Shridevi. Both have performed well according to their first film. Though Shahid Kapoor’s brother Ishaan Khattar acted in an international film ‘Majid-Majid’ earlier and proved that he is a good actor. The rest of the supporting actors Ashutosh Rana, Ankit Bisit, and Shridharan have also done a remarkable job.

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