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Let's be a little reasonable with janhvi Kapoor and not ask such un-emotional questions


On the trailer launch of Karan Johar’s Dhadak, the star cast of the film Ishaan Khatter and Janhvi Kapoor were present. At the trailer launch, the Kapoor khandaan accompanied Janhvi to motivate her and be there for her on her big day. The trailer was appreciated by media and Janhvi and Ishaan were delighted with the response. During the Q & A session, one of the journalists asked Janhvi about her late mother Sridevi, which brought tears to the new starlet of B-Town.

It is an obvious fact that such Q & A sessions often bring controversial questions, and how celebrities deal with it is another story. However, the question is why would someone bring up the topic of a girl who lost her mother, a few months back. As a reporter or even as an audience, I felt the question about Sridevi was uncalled for! Was the trailer not good enough that some of the media personnel prefer to bring out the topic of Sridevi?

The Family might put up a happy face everywhere, but it is natural that Janhvi, Khushi and Boney sir would be under deep trauma to cope up with the pain of the late actress. We know, Janhvi and Khushi were immensely close to their amma Sridevi, and thus we should be sensible enough to give them more space and privacy. We should be aware, to not ask them anything about Sridevi and make their wounds fresh. The budding actress Janhvi was already nervous since it was her first public outing, we should have made her feel comfortable rather than asking such questions.

Even if our job is to bring out the controversial news, we need to be more empathetic towards a person’s situation and ask sensible questions. Let’s be a little reasonable with Janhvi’s loss and work.

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