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Popular choreographer and social media star, Dhanashree Verma Chahal, was seen celebrating her first Karwa Chauth with a surprising and flavourful twist to her Sargi.

Preparing to fast for her husband, Yuzvendra Chahal, Dhanashree looked excited and resplendent dressed in a beautiful ethnic red and blue ensemble with traditional ornaments.

Sharing her excitement on social media, Dhanashree was seen indulging in a wholesome, nutritious, and tempting bowl of Kheer made with Oats, milk and topped with cashews and almonds for the morning Sargi ritual.

Karwa Chauth ceremony traditionally starts with Sargi- a meal and assortment of delightful sweets and snacks consumed before sunrise which helps people celebrating this festival to prepare for a day-long fast.

Oats serve as the perfect companion to start one’s day, giving one the nutritious energy or rather ‘fuel’ to keep going.

Going the extra mile to make the occasion memorable, she even decorated her house with shimmering lights, candles and diyas.

A touch of fresh marigold and lilies also infused a festive vibe to her Karwa Chauth celebrations.

Expressing her delight Dhanashree Verma Chahal commented, “The significance of Karwa Chauth is synonymous to many women in the country and it’s no different for me.

I’ve always admired the festivities as a time to celebrate love and cherish the marital bond.

Keeping this in mind, I wanted my first Karwa Chauth to be extra special for both me and Yuzvendra – be it planning my clothes in advance or preparing my first morning Sargi.

For an auspicious occasion like this, I turned to one of my favourite recipes – Quaker Oats Kheer – for Sargi, that is not only full of wholesome goodness and flavour but also gives me nutritious energy to power through the day.

Let the hope for a long life begin with a wholesome meal of goodness and happiness! Wishing everyone a happy Karwa Chauth. “

Dhanashree’s 4.2 million followers on social media resonated with her festive spirit and congratulated the couple on their first Karwa Chauth.

While one fan commented ‘Happy first Karwa Chauth ma’am’, another shared her excitement and said, ‘Loads of love to you Dhanashree and Yuzvendra’.

Her post is already winning the hearts of the audience with 70K+ likes and 250+ comments

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