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Dharmendra Shares His First Car Story On Indian Idol Season 11


Jyothi Venkatesh

The Punjabi Munda of Indian Idol season 11 Ridham Kalyan, has been winning hearts not only with his fabulous singing skills but also with his out of box palm reading skills. The viewers of Indian Idol are eagerly waiting who will finally become the voice of India this season. To support the Top 6 contestants, the he-man of Bollywood Dharmender made an appearance once again to enjoy their soulful performances.

After Ridham Kalyan’s scintillating performance on Dharam ji’s ever green song “Chhalka Yeh Jaam”, the veteran actor was taken back to the golden days of shooting this song. Since Ridham is a car lover himself, he asked Dharam ji about his first car! To everyone’s surprise Dharamji shared an interesting story that  during the initial  phase of his career he used to travel on his cycle. It was after he became a famous star, when of his friends told him to buy a car as know he is a celebrity. His friend suggested him to buy a Harrel car as Tanuja Ji used to have the same car and it perfectly matched his personality. But Dharam ji mentioned that this filmy line is very dicey so he needed to be in a more secure space before buying anything he would regret later. He also said that the first car he bought was an economic buy, a Fiat which he really loved.

Dharam ji also advised Ridham, ”No matter whatever heights you reach in your career, but it is important to be responsible and grounded. These are the qualities which makes a man proud of himself and successful too.”

Vishal while appreciating Ridham said “Ridham, it is very important for a performer to enjoy your performance and you make sure you are enjoying all your performances which is great. Every performance of yours makes us believe that we should buy tickets to watch performances.”

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