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Dia Mirza asks govt to clarify guidelines on lockdown, curfew

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The actress takes to social media to raise concern for senior citizens living alone
As if the widespread corona scare is not enough, making sense of what the lockdown means is what maximum city is engrossed in at the moment. While toll nakas are flaunting queues of people rushing in and out of the city, the police are coming hard on people stepping out to buy essentials. Seeing the chaos around her, actress Dia Mirza took to social media today urging the government to clarify ‘curfew’ guidelines so that vulnerable sections of society can plan better for the days ahead.
Dia took to Twitter this morning stating – “I live at CHS where 80% of our residents are senior citizens. Many living alone. We have no access to vegetables and fruits as all vendors say the police haven’t allowed them to go to the main market. Online deliveries are shut. Essentials are essential.”
The actress and producer’s concerns, in fact, extend to all senior citizens living alone in the state given that they number a mighty 1.25 crore. Many, especially in Mumbai, live alone and some in buildings sparsely inhabited, which makes reaching out for help difficult. Given this scenario, Dia’s worry for senior citizens is more than justified. All that Dia is asking for a better interpretation of what is within bounds during a curfew and what is not.
In another tweet, Dia urges that rules should bear in mind every kind of susceptibility. “We have put in place health protocols keeping in mind the age/needs of our senior members. This curfew needs guidelines that allow neighborhood vegetables vendors to reach the whole sale market. Respect the need for curfew BUT it needs to ensure essentials are not affected.”
Dia’s worry is paramount given the fact that senior citizens with pre-existing health conditions are at a higher risk of contracting the virus. In Maharashtra, all the *three* deaths due to Corona are of senior citizens.
Of course, the actress is sympathetic to the protocols issued by the government and acknowledges the noble intentions behind them. She added via Twitter: “We understand what you are dealing with currently cannot be easy by any measure. And you are doing this keeping our health in mind. Today is day 1 of curfew please consider how we can find solutions so that all can continue to have access to essentials
Maharashtra is among several states which has called for a complete lockdown till March 31, prohibiting public movement except in case of emergencies. While shops and commercial establishments will remain closed, essential supplies will be available. Maharashtra has alone, reported *107* positive Covid-19 cases.

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