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Did you know about the time Taimur and Inaaya were in danger?


In conversation with Kareena Kapoor Khan, on the latest episode of What Women Want, Kunal Khemu gives his take on Taimur and Inaaya’s experience with paparazzi.

He admits that constant paparazzi is today’s reality and does not believe in having their children shy away from it.

Kunal Khemu recalls an incident when Taimur and Inaaya were in danger

However, he goes on to recall a dangerous incident when Taimur and Inaaya were in a swimming pool, and someone tried to capture their footage using a zoom lens from a distance.

Kunal goes on to admit that, “That I am completely against. That is NOT okay,” and believes that the parents need to be highly aware of such situations.

He adds that he is happy that the paparazzi has been quite respectful of their requests so far.

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