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Dipti Kalwani Says The Characters Are Fearlessly And Shamelessly Real And Raw In Her Show Ek Brahm Sarvagun Sampanna


Jyothi Venkatesh

Producer Dipti Kalwani is thrilled with the response her show, Ek Brahm Sarvagun Sampanna has been receiving. She says that the show’s story is such that everyone will be able to relate to it. “As a content creator, I am innately driven towards strong characters. After making Badho Bahu and Laal Ishq, I again wanted to create a show with resilient protagonists, this time I am presenting a woman who is strong, mysterious, powerful and yet vulnerable. We also have a man like Kabir who stands by women, understands them, fights for them and empowers them. There are other totally unpredictable characters and viewers wouldn’t know whether they love them or hate them. They are fearlessly and shamelessly real and raw. Viewers would certainly be able to identify with them,” she says.Dipti, who is also writing the show, says that her task is quite challenging. “The show’s genre can’t be defined or labelled, it’s a thriller with shades of romance and drama. The characters are complex and have a great arch. Our task as writers is to keep our viewers hooked and to make them sit at the edge of their seats (or couch in this case!) Writing the show was indeed a challenge as the story is layered,” she says.Talking about the casting, she says, “I love my actors both professionally and personally. All the actors have got into the skin of their characters. I thank Shrenu Parikh and Zain Imam for believing in me and my vision of the show. Shrenu and Zain were my first and only choice for Janhvi and Kabir. I think we have done a good job in casting. I love the Mittals!”The producer says that the show means a lot to her, “Life has come a full circle with this show. I was a part of the Star network not so long ago so it was like coming home.  Working with them in this new capacity has been a dream come true. I am thankful to star for their unwavering faith in me and I hope to continue working with them,” she says.

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