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Director Jagan’s Smart Move In Connecting To Stars Like Akshay…Vidya And Sonakshi??? Read To Know More


Lipika Varma

Existing in the Bollywood industry one needs to play his /.her cards safe.Debuting onto the silver screen one needs to have learned his/her  lessons well.Be it than an actor or a director who fnally wishes to make it big onto the B” Town…if your moves are right ,there willno liooking abcl for the. her inthe industry .Its indeed the surviavl of the fittest….Read to know how direcrector Jagan Shakti started his journey from being assistant director to associate and nnow a ful flegeded director with ,” MissionMnagal.Hopefully, ther will no looking ack for him now-

Director Jagan Shakti definitely played it smart having worked as the  assistant director in ,’Pa’ .Thereafter worked as associated director in “Akira”.Nonetheless,he worked as the associated director in ‘Holiday “as well.Jagan made himself acquainted to all the actors working in these films. Also struck a close relationship with all them. Surely, Jagan was planning to debut as a full-fledged director in the near future so he left no stone unturned in developing a good rapport with all these actors.


Ask him how he roped in everyone right from Vidya Balan ,Sonakshi Sinha and Akshay Kumar? Who was the most difficult to rope in? Actually, speaking since I assisted director R Balki in film,” Pa” so when I approached Vidya Ji she instantly agreed to be part of the film,’ Mission-Mangal”. Moreover, She found the script vey alluring and without any further delay she immediately agreed to be the part of our Mission.”[Smiles]

Adding further about Sonakshi Sinha he adds,’ having worked with Sonakshi in Akkira” which was director A.R.Murugudoss film she knew me very well. No sooner I approached her, even without knowing about the entire script she agreed to work in Mission Mangal.”

Coming back to your query -who was most difficult to rope in? Well! Taapasee Pannu also agreed to do the film immediately. Having worked in Akshay Kumar in, “Holiday” he too loved the script and agreed to be the part of our mission.”

vidya-balan jagan

Adding more,” Being a new director none the stars threw any tantrums. The foremost reason being we had the script in place .Every minute details was mentioned in the script .Also all these actors are the most humble actors .Infact they were at it whole heartedly.’

Fresh young directors are the need of the hour in comparison to the older directors, how far do you garee with it? We could think it the other way round. All well known directors I may say are the source of inspiration to all the fresh and new debutant directors. Simply, because they are considered as,” Path breakers’ .For me Balki sir, Murugodoss sir, Gauri Shinde mam with who I assisted in English Vinglish all of the have insured me a lot. In fact it has become easy for the fresher lot[technicians] to be able to say their story as they have an I” Phone in place and thus things have become easier for all of us.’ He concludes.

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