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Disco King Mithun Da Recorded 64 Beats Of ‘Disco Dancer’ In Just One Take – Revealed On Super Dancer Chapter 3

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The upcoming episode of Sony Entertainment Television’s kids dance reality show Super Dancer Chapter 3 will see the evergreen, ‘Disco King’ Mithun Chakraborty grace the sets of the show and unfold some interesting tales of his vivid journey in the Bollywood industry. All the contestants along with the judges – Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Anurag Basu, and Geeta Kapoor relived the 90s era by dressing up in that era’s style and performed on Mithun Da’s memorable and groovy numbers. While all the contestants gave their ‘Super se upar wale performances’ leaving the audience and judges astound with their out-of-the-box concepts it made Mithun Da go back down memory lane.

During the performance of our very own ‘Gully boy’ – 9-year-old Tejas and his Super Guru Tushar on Mithun Da’s very popular song ‘Disco Dancer’, Mithun Da who was visibly moved by their energetic performance revealed some lesser known facts about the song. While Tejas and Tushar practiced their moves over and over again for this dhamakedaar performance, Mithun da revealed that he recorded the entire song which comprised of 64 beats in just one take. While narrating the epic moment during a conversation, he mentioned, “Director Veer Subhas and Bappi Da hold a huge contribution in my success. Subhas very well knew that I can record an entire song in one take and hence, he used to make sure that everyone knows about it.” Moreover, Mithun Da’s other popular songs like “Yaad aa rahi hai” which happens to be Shilpa’s favorite song and “Ae oo aa” was also recorded in one take.

Further, in the show, Mithun Da mentioned that there is no place in the world where he isn’t recognized. Wherever he goes in the entire world be it Russia, France, Egypt, Turkey or Algeria, he receives immense appreciations. To which Shilpa reiterated, “Once when I went to Ukraine, one of Mithun Da’s fans approached me saying that he loves Bollywood songs and is a big fan of the song Jimmy Jimmy.”

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