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Discovered-Diveyaa, A Woman For Today And The Future


Ali Peter John

If there is one subject. One theme or one topic that I have been obsessed with as a man during all my life, it has been the many faces of the Indian woman and I must confess that it was my illiterate mother from my gaaon ( village) in Mumbai who first inspired me to take interest in the Indian woman. For me, she was the first symbol of what is now called women empowerment, for me, she was the first woman who showed me how a woman didn’t have to have a string of degrees to fight her battles and that a woman could fight all her toughest battles with her strongest weapon, her will power. I will not be exaggerating in the least if I say that I’m still looking for a complete woman like the woman my mother was.

Some days ago, I saw a glimmer of hope when I saw and then heard my friend, Diveyaa Dwivedi speaking at an awards function in Mumbai. She could have easily made the kind of speeches glamour girls like her usually make at such events, but I was thrilled to see her go away from the beaten track and my heart felt a certain glow as she kept talking about the need for women today to bring about a strong awareness about themselves. She talked about the need for women to find their identity in what is still a predominantly male-dominated society. It was overwhelming to see Diveyaa who many may know  as a definitely good and proven actress in Hindi, Bhojpuri, Gujarati and some of the more important Tv. Serials she has made an impact with, but they must have been surprised to see her as an evolved and enlightened woman, a change which had come over her because of her not being stagnant, but because of her constantly changing with the times.

By the end of that short but extremely meaningful talk, I had seen Diveyaa as a woman of and for the future, a woman who can shine and lead the way for every woman and every man and even every Indian to follow.

I only hope that this light (Diveyaa) is not over shadowed by any kind of dark clouds now or in the future. I strongly believe that if  the future has to be bright, we need more and more women who are strong in mind more than anything else and it is women like Diveyaa who can take the lead to inspire others.

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