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Discussing Bold And Radical Choices In The Limelight, Mandira Bedi Launches Her Memoir-Lifestyle Manual ‘Happy For No Reason’ With Co-Author Satyadev Barman


With an illustrious career as a television host, actor and fitness icon, social influencer, sports lover and entrepreneur, Mandira Bedi has successfully donned many hats.

The multifaceted personality released her debut book, ‘Happy For No Reason’, with co-author, yoga mentor, writer, composer, musician and life coach Satyadev Barman at Crossword Bookstores in Mumbai. The authors were in conversation with popular journalist Aastha Atray Banan.

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The evening witnessed a candid conversation as the authors discussed the deeply personal narrative that Mandira has shared with her readers in this part-memoir-part-lifestyle manual as they capture the many roles she juggles as a professional, a parent and a home-maker.

Discussing her latest book, Mandira Bedi said, “The book should ignite something in each reader. I think everybody has to have their own journey and awakening. If the book makes someone embark on their awakening, that is great. But we need to remember that moment of awakening and understand where and how we want to be – physically or emotionally – and find a better space for our own health. I was very aware of the angry person that I was and I have addressed that. Awareness is the first and hardest step.”

Aashtha Atray Banan, Mandira Bedi , Satyadev Barman

Published by Penguin Random House India, this tell-all memoir aims to inspire, inform and entertain the readers and raise a dialogue on the need for body positivity in our society. Encouraging readers to adopt a health and wellness regime that makes one happy from within, Mandira shares versatile tricks that have helped her maintain a healthy work-life balance. The authors further delve into ways in which gratitude and discipline can help overcome mentally and physically demanding schedules one has to keep up with as a working professional.

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Speaking on his collaborative journey with Mandira Bedi on Happy For No Reason, Satyadev Barman said, “Energy goes where attention grows. We need to focus on the little things that are our own blessings – fresh air, water to drink, roof over our head, family and friends who love us instead of focusing on the small things that keep us from being happy. That will take over our life.”

 Speaking on the need to discuss fitness beyond the ‘ideal body’, Aastha Atray Banan said, “I’ve known Mandira for a really long time now. She is always positive, always smiling and inspiring ypu to do something better, be it your body or attitude. I think she is the perfect person to write this, especially at a time when all of us are dealing with anxiety and depression and validation issues and insecurities. It is good to read a book that tells you how to be happy.”

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Readers can grab their copies of ‘Happy For No Reason’ by Mandira Bedi & Satyadev Barman at the nearest Crossword Bookstores.

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