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Ali Peter John
I have been very fortunate to see the most unusual happenings and incidents.I have been more than fortunate to meet and know some of the most powerful and popular people. I have been very lucky to listen to voices that  have shaken up and stirred  up minds, hearts and souls, voices that have almost been like what I would like to believe are voices that could be  like the voice of God, which neither I nor  anyone else in this world has heard or can  claim to have heard.
And if you ask me to name the four most important voices in my life, it will always be the voice of my mother first, the voice of Lata Mangeshkar, the voice of Dilip Kumar and the voice of Amitabh Bachchan which has been reverberating not only in the air and the  wind of this country, but  also in the different parts of the world. It is Amitabh's voice that some one once called THE VOICE and it is this voice that  has been ruling our  lives for the last fifty years and will till THE VOICE and the man behind THE VOICE has turned seventy seven and is going to be seventy eight in October (anyone begs to differ on my opinion about the voice ? )....
THE VOICE is working its magic again.... It is a video recorded by THE VOICE a few days before THE VOICE and its owner, Amitabh Bachchan have been admitted to  the Nanavati Hospital as a hopeless victim of COVID-19 ,which shows how cruel it can be when it has claimed both father and son, Abhishek Bachchan .There are any number of admirers and ardent fans of THE VOICE which are wondering and asking questions about how a powerful man like Amitabh with all the support and prayers can  also fall  a victim to a virus or a worm as I would like to call it .
THE VOICE begins, the  video  talks about his admiration and showing its gratitude to the doctors,nurses and the entire staff of the Nanavati Hospital where he has been admitted at least twice before. THE VOICE starts off by  narrating the story of a hoarding  in Surat  ,the caption of which reads, "Mandir bandh kyun hai maalum hai ? Isliye ki  bhagwan safed coat pehenkar aspatal mein  logo ko bachha rahe hai ".THE VOICE says it was the love and care of the men and women in white that played vital parts in healing him.THE VOICE goes on to call the doctors  "saviours of humanity" and asks, "Aap nahi hote  toh  naa jaane insaniyaat  kahaan  hoti ".
THE VOICE keeps lauding the great efforts being made by the medical profession to  serve and save humanity.
THE VOICE is at its emotional best when it  expresses its gratitude towards all the doctors and nurses and the staff and gets very emotional when it folds its hands bows its head in thanksgiving to the doctors(and I don't think anyone must have expressed one's  gratitude in such an emotional and eloquent manner before).


THE VOICE asks the doctor not  to  give up their good work as he sees in them what it  calls "Ishwar ka  roop".It says  these are trying and troubled times, but  together we can  overcome these times.
Isn't it ironical that THE VOICE (Amitabh Bachchan) has to  test positive for COVID-19(together with his son, Abhishek Bachchan)and has to be admitted to the same Nanavati Hospital ?
THE VOICE has been in other hospitals like the St. Philomena Hospital in Bangalore where it was  admitted soon after the owner of THE VOICE had met with that  near fatal  accident. THE VOICE was then shifted to the Breach Candy Hospital where its owner had to put up a grim battle to save the life of its owner and succeeded. THE VOICE was also admitted to the Leelavati Hospital when its owner suddenly fell sick and now THE VOICE and its owner are lying in a bed at the Nanavati Hospital where it  and the son of its owner are  fighting their best battles against Corona there has been  an indescribable connect between THE VOICE and me ever since the owner of THE VOICE, Amitabh Bachchan was first signed by my guru, Abbas Sahab for "Saat Hindustani ".
And the connect continues. I was admitted to the same Nanavati Hospital when I met with the most ghastly accident in  my life and I feel a strange kind of pride in sharing my experience of being in the same hospital where the man who was once an unknown actor and who is know a star bigger than any  other star,lies in a bed.
Why am I talking about THE VOICE  so much ? Why, have I  always talked about  THE VOICE  because it is  THE VOICE that has made a big  difference to my life and I  know  to the lives of millions like me.
I for  whatever is my worth,make a fervent appeal to all doctors who  are  working in different hospitals now  and  all doctors to come  to  listen to THE VOICE talking about doctors. It may make them better  doctors who can serve humanity better and may change the hearts and minds of  doctors who are walking  on the  wrong track  and doing  grave  injustice to their noble profession.
Will you please listen to THE VOICE all you  doctors and others in the great profession that  you are in and will be in the future ?
Listen, listen  because if you don't listen to the voice, you will certainly have missed something precious in your lives !
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