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Art is not a luxury, but a necessity.

“Do not judge a person by her virginity, because a man who loves you will accept you as a wife whether you are a virgin or you have had sex with different men,since sex is the need of the body and is like an exercise” ANGELINA PRIYA tells JYOTHI VENKATESH


The 5′.3″ tall dusky,who boasts of vital statistics 32.26.34 is confident that tomorrow is hers as far as Bollywood is concerned. A hardworking and diligent go getter by nature, Angeline Priya tells JYOTHI VENKATESH hat her avowed mission is to participate in the next season of the popular show Bigg Boss.

How would you describe yourself as a person?

Because I want to look different, I want to make an altogether different as well as unique identity of my own that will make me stand out apart from all the other actresses in the film industry.

What has the COVID19 epidemic taught you?

The COVID90 epidemic has taught me to remain at home 24/7. It has taught me the importance of keeping your home and surroundings clean.

The more clean you keep yourself, the better it is to ward off CoronaVirus since not only India but the entire world has been affected in a big way with the epidemic. You cannot go out and you are forced to enforce safety for yourself and your family.

What is your viewpoint on the #MeToo campaign?

I am of the opinion that it is nothing but engineered controversy and those who have indulged in it are only seeking publicity for themselves.

I have had my own share of #MeToo encounters but none of any consequence. I just keep myself away from people after judging for myself who is right and who is wrong

What do you think of the casting couch syndrome in the film industry?

I hail from Kanpur. When I tried to become a fashion model in the beginning of my career, people had warned me about the casting couch syndrome in Bollywood.

All that I can say is that though they say that you have to compromise a lot if you want to succeed in Bollywood, it cannot be denied that no one is going to force you to undress and compromise if you do not want to .I am not at all scared of the syndrome of the casting couch. Why should I be afraid?

Is it true that there are many ‘fakes’ in the film industry?

On the contrary, I’d say that there are more real persons than fake persons in this industry.

Till you face fake guys you would not be able to differentiate between the real guys and the face guys.

It is only experience which will set out to teach who is good and who is not. You should set your mind first and only then enter the industry.

What is your mantra to click in films?

Yahan sab ki soch alag hain. You cannot be soft as far as your will is concerned and have to be shameless to click.

Khud se pyar karo. Jitna zyada dil se aur man se tum besharam ho sakte ho, utna bano. Even if you have to be a successful businessman, you have no other alternative but to struggle.

Was acting in your mind since childhood?

I felt from the beginning that I am different from everyone, and that I should do something different, and wanted to look different from the beginning in the world, as I wanted to make my name unique as well as different. In Mumbai I wanted to create my own image

How did you get your break as an actress? Why did you want to be an actress?

I worked in the popular show Crime Patrol first on TV and only after that I was tempted to take up more offers to act.

I like acting and like to do different types of characters in films. If I get any good project for acting, I will work hard for it.

To what extent do you believe in destiny?

I believe in both luck and hard work and also believe in God as well as karma

Do you think luck is just an excuse for those who lack talent?

Yes, because every human has one or other talent and while someone’s talent is sparked, someone’s talent unfortunately gets shattered, If you have even a little talent inside you, then you will have to work hard to show that talent in front of the public. Talent is necessary to move forward, but for that, luck and your hard work to keep you busy is more important.

Who are your favorite actors and actresses?

By the way, I am not a fan of anyone. But if we talk about Bollywood, then I like the acting of Deepika Padukone but I am not a fan of anyone.

If I like the acting of any particular actor or actress, I make it a point to watch the movie. As far as the voice is concerned, I like Siddharth Malhotra very much. I also like Shah Rukh Khan’s acting.

Which are the directors in your wish list?

Although there are many directors, if I am asked to choose, I’d zero in only on Karan Johar and Imtiaz Ali.

Is virginity a virtue in today’s times?

I am of the opinion that in today’s times and age, all this is not so important and I don’t want to talk too much about it and because we are living in the 21th century, it doesn’t matter much, since it is very difficult to come across a virgin boy or a girl today Since today at 16, every one whether it is a boy or a girl indulges in sex, I’d say that it is not a big deal at all.

Do not judge a person by his or her virginity A man who loves you will accept you as a wife whether you are a virgin or you have had sex with different men, because sex is the need of the body and is like an exercise

What do you have to say about sex?

I’d say that sex is a very trivial thing in today’s society. You need not marry if you want to have sex.

You can just date a guy but I would not advocate that you have sex with a different boy on different night.

Yet it is strange that though men want to marry a virgin of their mother’s choice, when it comes to sex, they do not mind sleeping with ten different girls

Would you consider it a compliment if a man calls you sexy?

No, this is not a compliment and in today’s generation, most people that you bump into tell you without any second thought that you are or you look sexy.

Are you open to acting on TV and web too? Are you open to appear in a hot and sexy bikini and do lip to lip kisses on the screen?

I have no problem being a part of TV serials as well as web series. I have no problem at all when it comes to kissing on the screen or shedding my clothes or wear a sex bikini on the screen because I am very open minded.

Being bold is not a big deal for me. Wearing a sexy bikini and kissing passionately on screen are all normal things for me.

You should look good even if you shoot nude. By being bold, I do not mean anything vulgar but hot and sexy.You can look hot even when you wear a sari. It all depends on how your face is.

As an actress, are you ready to do a sexy and hot item number in a film?

Yes. Any day, I am game to be part of a sexy and hot item number in a film, because I feel that it is like having a passport to fame today

Do you have a steady and serious boyfriend?

I live without a steady or serious boyfriend and I am happy too. I feel that a real boy friend will never interfere with his girl friend’s work and go with her to her place of work or attend the parties that she attends in her sphere of work

Do you believe in a live-in, love marriage or arranged marriage?

Why love or arrange marriage, I do not believe in married life at all. I’d go in for a marriage if and only if I get a good partner who would encourage me in my work and does not place restrictions on freedom.

Or else, I’d rather opt for a live-in relationship with a foreigner than an Indian boy, because a foreigner is never judgmental.

You have just one life to live. You have to forget about the society and enjoy life to the maximum, because, let’s face facts, the society only sets out to demotivate you and it is you’re your family which is important to you and not the society.