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Jon Snow might not know a thing but Kit Harington isn’t just as clueless. We are guessing GQ confused his reel life character with the real one because we can’t help but wonder why and how is Kit Harington topping the list of GQ’s list of Worst Dressed Men!

When this ‘breaking’ news surfaced on the internet, it appalled the world and well, needless to say, I am very much part of the world which went berserk. That’s when I decided to go on a hunting spree, all over social media, trying to see pictures of Kit, justifying this title. I must admit, Mr Harington definitely didn’t deserve this name.  I mean, yes his sense of style maybe monotonous but that doesn’t validate his no 1 position on the Worst Dressed Men list with the likes of Marshmello, Paul Merton etc!

Here are a few pictures that could make GQ regret his decision?! Maybe?

What could possibly go wrong with a tux? Also, we can’t ignore those perfect expressions ya!

Sticking to basics and killing it!

So friggin sexy and certainly not the worst!

We love those shoes as much he loves them!

Smoking is injurious to health and so is Jon Snow!

Agreed, that he sticks to the basics (always) but we aren’t complaining!

We wouldn’t be able make peace with this list, ever, but we can choose to ignore it, maybe?

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