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Does MX Exclusive Series – ‘Beehad Ka Baghi’ resurrect the life of Dadua Dacoit?


Touted to be a legendary dacoit – but with a difference, Shiv Kumar Patel, alias Dadua Dacoit operated in ravines and forests on the borders between Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. In the thirst to avenge his father, he took to a life of arms and went on to become a ‘Baghi’.

Ritam Srivastav and Dilip Arya’s collab reminds the exact duration of Dadua Dacoit

Mx player exclusive beehad ka BaaghiInspired by true events, MX Player has released a series ‘Beehad Ka Baghi’, set in 1998’s Chitrakoot, Bundelkhand. Directed by Ritam Srivastav, this series sees Dilip Arya play the lead character, called Shiv who also becomes a dreaded dakoit in a quest to take revenge against the brutal crimes committed against his family. Now this storyline does seem uncannily similar, doesn’t it?

This series reflects colored shadow of Dadua’s period without any doubt

Mx player exclusive beehad ka BaaghiStark instances in the series bear a strange resemblance to the infamous Dadua Dakait’s real life. From the show, another similarity that struck out was how the real & reel-life character is questioned about being a ‘Dacoit or Messiah’. Known for his good deeds for the poor, people looked up to and worshipped Dadua – even though he unfurled a reign of fear and terror in the same town. Not only did the police witness dominance but even the government and officials had to bow down in front of Dadua, leaving it for the people and media to decide whether he’s indeed a ‘dakku’ or a ‘bhagwaan’.

Was dadua only a dacoit or a rebel? MX exclusive series successfully answered that question

Mx player exclusive beehad ka BaaghiIn Dadua Dacoit’s real life, it is known that he was betrayed by one of his most trusted man. The series ‘Beehad Ka Baghi’ also throws light to how in the show, the character played by Dilip Arya of Shiv Kumar is also betrayed by his confidant, Doctor Saab. Would you call this a co-incidence, too?

With these instances at hand, we definitely think that the web series – ‘Beehad Ka Baghi’ brings back the life of Dadua Dacoit. What do you think?