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Dog’s LOVE!

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Himansh Kohli, who rose to fame with the film ‘ Yaariyan’, says that his pet muffin taught him that love is unconditional. He says,”Muffin taught us that love is unconditional. Since she has been a part of our family or any of our previous pets for that matter, we have been closer than ever before. Infact, even when my mom and my sister come to Mumbai and dad is alone in Delhi, he doesn’t feel alone because there’s Muffin to give him company.”

The actor says that Muffin binds his family together ” Muffin is 3 years old currently. She is one of the members about whom we talk all the time. She is the one who binds the family together.” Himansh said that Muffin is not the first pet he has been a parent to a pug and french bulldog before as well.

Talking about animal brutality Himansh said “I think in today’s time, animals are more human than humans themselves. The kind of atrocities that people bring upon the creatures is beyond brutality. Why harm someone who cannot save themselves? Why be so brutal towards animal who cannot speak? I think there should be strict laws in place for offenders.”

Himansh plans to have more pets in the future as his love for pets is just unimaginable.

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