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Dolittle review: the animals have made the film more entertaining

Robert Downey Jr. has proved that he is fully qualified to be on the list of Hollywood's most expensive actors

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it will be seen very rarely that there is any shortcoming in Robert Downey Jr.’s film. Also in Dolittle , Robert Downey Jr. has proved that he is fully qualified to be on the list of Hollywood’s most expensive actors.


The film revolves around Doctor John Dolittle. The Queen of England gives him a large place for him and his animals, because she knows that Dolittle will take good care of them. After his wife’s death, Dolittle lives with animals away from humans. But one day the news comes to Dolittle that Queen is very ill and he is specially called for treatment. Only the mysterious fruit that grows on the Eden tree can save them. In such a situation, Dolittle sets out in search of that fruit and with this the adventure begins. Along with animals in this adventure, there is also a human being, Tommy Stubbins, played by Harry Collett.


All the characters have left no stone unturned to make the film fun from the beginning, the animals have made the film more entertaining. There is no lack of humor in the film, the film keeps you tied from beginning to end. Some animals such as a squirrel, a gorilla and a bear make you laugh out loud. Along with children, elders will also like this film.


Robert Downey Jr. has done tremendous acting in the film. His interactions with animals and his irritation with humans are quite funny. It was a great experience to see Robert as Dr. Dolittle after Ironman. He has done full justice to this character. At the same time, Harry Colette is also quite frozen in the role of Stubbins. He played the character of Dolittle’s assistant.

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