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Doll Plays The Role Of Mother On Star Bharat’s Upcoming Show – Meri Gudiya

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Star Bharat is all set to present ‘Meri Gudiya’ a unique show where for the first time on Hindi Television you will see a doll playing the role of a mother. Produced by Writer Galaxy Film Productions and starring the talented Gaurav S Bajaj and the popular Aalisha Panwar in lead roles. ‘Meri Gudiya’s’ inimitable concept makes it different than any other TV shows. Meri Gudiya also signifies homecoming for actor Gaurav S Bajaj, who will be seen on the small screen after a long hiatus alongside Aalisha Panwar, Vidisha Srivastava and the other cast members.

Meri Gudiya showcases the unconditional love of a mother for her daughter. The story revolves around the Gujral family who live in Shimla. Raghvendra Gujral (Gaurav S Bajaj) is a successful businessman who runs his ancestral business of coffee plantations, his wife Madhuri Gujral (Aalisha Panwar) who is an extremely protective mother and their 4-year-old daughter Avi (Jenisha).  Avi is at the centre of Madhuri’s universe and Avi cannot imagine her life without Madhuri. Madhuri meets with an accident and Avi is left alone in a treacherous situation. Now, Avi’s only companion is a doll that was gifted to her by her mother.

 Gaurav S Bajaj said, “I will be seen essaying the character of a father for the first time. My character is different from all the other characters I have played in my previous shows. As I have never played a father on screen, this role comes as a challenge to me. I can personally relate to the same as I am soon to become a father in real life. This role allows me to experience a gamut of emotions that a husband and a father go through.”

 Aalisha Panwar said, “Playing a young mother on -screen was surely a first, in fact I am glad to play Madhuri (at a young age of 23) as it gives me the chance to explore my acting abilities and display a variety of emotions on-screen. The show portrays a mother’s undying love to protect her daughter despite her death.”

The makers of the show have left no stone unturned to find the perfect doll for the show as it plays a very important part in the show. Innumerable options were scouted for (sought) before the final doll was created.

The star cast of Meri Gudiya boasts of a very strong ensemble cast which includes legendary actors like Nishigandha Wad, Rahul Singh, Samwedna Suwalka and Vidisha Srivastav amongst many others.

 इतनी चिंता और किसे सताएगी! एक माँ ही है, जो मर कर भी लौट आएगी…

To find out tune in to Star Bharat (SD/HD) on 16th December, 2019, every Monday to Saturday at 8pm for the premier of the upcoming new show Meri Gudiya

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