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A friend who is himself a celebration, Dr. Trinetra Bajpai :Birthday Special, Event Photos

  You came to me as a surprise  gift from the great director Lekh Tondon (the man who made a big difference  to the careers of Shammi Kapoor and Shah Rukh  Khan among many others ) And you stayed on to be a friend  who was more than many times a friend .

You live friendship and keep the flame of friendship alive

                 I have marveled  and wondered  over your many – splendorous talent and have more often than not found it extremely difficult to describe you.  You are truly the epitome of excellence when it comes to living the meaning of friendship. You don”t have to be described as a friend. You live friendship and keep the flame of friendship  alive  and burning  bright. 

You are the kind of friend who makes life a festival  for all your so many friends  who are proud to have you as their friend.

The teacher of life i had been looking for

   Ten years  ago, my life was going  on and then you came from across the seven seas and created many welcome  whirlpools in this life which was waiting for someone like you who could  be the friend I always wanted, the teacher of life i had been looking  for and even an elder brother (so what if you  were six months younger  than me ? ) and if i may say so even a father figure.
I have been receiving  your love  and care with  all the humility  i have still got with me and i will not stop to thank you foe standing by me as a friend  at all times and under all circumstances  .
I may have received  many awards and honors and appreciation, but when a friend like you calls me “Ali Sahab” , all the other applause drowns in the sea that no one has seen.
 I take this occasion of your 70th birthday to thank you for being the friend and more that you have been and i know will never change I have seen you as a warrior which  no war has liked to engage  in and a warrior  who goes  to war only with the ambition and desire to win and has won every time you have fought  with all the passion  which is your second and more precious  name.
 May seventy only  be seven and may you be a diamond  in the crown of life . The world should  be grateful  to one of its great sons . And if it hasn’t , I make my gratitude  to you the gratitude of the world. Thank you  for just being you the “Bajpai Sahab” I have always known you as.
What more can I say about  a friend who has not only been a friend , but who is also a loving  husband, a caring father and an ideal human being who is loved by God even at the risk of being  called a partial God .
With all my admiration, love  and respect. 
                              Tall regards
                              “Ali Sahab “
Ali Shahab” who can never be a Sahab”

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