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‘Dream-come-true’ for singer Leena Bose as her song ‘TumSeHi’ (Sadak-2 ) with celeb-singer Ankit Tiwari merits terrific response

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Chaitanya Padukone 

For versatile, trained, concert-pop-playback  ace singer Leena Bose,  the release and the overwhelming response  to her  just-released romantic duet track ‘Tum Se Hi’ is  a “dream-come-true” . Enthuses the talented glam-girl singer Leena, “It’s a divine coincidence that just after Krishna Janmashtami,  my  sentimentally romantic duet track ‘Tum Se Hi’ ( from upcoming movie ‘Sadak 2’)   with star-singer-composer  Ankit Tiwari is finally released .Again it’s out on the eve of  our Independence Day.   I have waited for quite a long time for this euphoric moment to happen”  Speaking exclusively to and to Mayapuri, photogenic  singer-model  Leena Bose candidly opens up with Chaitanya Padukone  : 

Tell us  about the ‘Sadak 2’ song Tum Se Hi experience.. And your association with Ankit Tiwari ?
Actually, I met Ankit just after I moved to Mumbai even before his Aashiqui -2 was released.. Even he made me sing the female version of #SunnRahaHai.  Unfortunately that didn’t happen then but he always loved my voice and had faith on my talent.. And now this dream came true with #tumsehi in has been a long, exciting and beautiful musical association .. Must say that singer-composer Ankit  was always there for me like a ‘true friend’ and supported me from the beginning like a rock.” 

You seem so optimistic,  despite  ‘raw deals’ that you got in your career, in the past ….
‘Aamchi Mumbai’  has been very kind to me. Now that sequel  ‘Sadak-2’ from  the illustrious Mahesh Bhatt-Mukesh Bhatt banner with A-List names like Sanjay Dutt-Pooja Bhatt-Alia Bhatt-Aditya Roy Kapur is my first biggie singing break  in Bollywood.. But people have always liked my voice and I worked with some amazingly talented people..   But things were very upsetting when I was trying to sing for big movies.. So many times it happened that I sang, they even shot it . Just before the release,  the company ‘changed’  my voice-track.. And I got really affected . But I had that grit and guts to get up and gather my courage and start again.. You need to have that faith in yourself in an otherwise cut-throat world.. It’s a eight-years long wait for me. But  I guess, it’s finally happening..
What made you decide to be a playback singer and move to Mumbai ?
As a music-loving kid, I used to listen to all the cassettes and imagine-dream this would be me someday.. I started singing professionally at a very  young age  in various state-level competitions and TV shows in Kolkata.. And when it was the right time I moved to Mumbai to pursue my dream-passion to be a live concerts and then playback singer…

You are often appreciated for your nature and charmingly attractive  looks ? How do you deal with it ?
It’s always important to be a good human being first.. And that’s my primary focus in life to be nice, modest  and do good.. And maybe it shows in my looks too (smiles)  And I’m fortunate enough to receive that sort of love which I reflect.
Who are your favorite legendary retro inspiring singers  ?

It would definitely be Lata-didi, Asha-ji, Geeta Dutt-ji , Kishore-da Kumar and Manna-da Dey

Your experience of working with maestro A R Rahman ?                                                                       Singing under A R Rehman- sir is so pure an awesome experience that I’m looking forward to do it again.. And  Coke Studio was my first significant work after I shifted to Mumbai..

Given a  chance, who are the Bollywood heroines you would love to ‘playback’ for ?               Hmm, would love— if iconic  heroines like Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma ,Alia Bhatt  give life to my mellifluous singing-voice on-screen.

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