Editorial: The 54th International Film Festival of India concludes! Films from all over the world were honored, and respect for the country increased!!

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The closing ceremony of the 54th International Film Festival of India held in Goa is being telecast live on DD News

The sight of filmy faces among the tourists on the beach in Panaji, Goa, was an exceptional view of this year. The occasion was the "54th International Film Festival of India". The film fair organized by the country's Honorable Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Singh Thakur along with the Goa government here for 9 days (from November 20 to November 28) has been heard all over the world. The skill with which the awards were distributed on the concluding day of the ceremony at Shyam Prasad Mukherjee Stadium has enhanced the image of the country. The credit for the unique image seen this year of the 54th Film Festival, which started in 1952, goes to the management of the Minister.

54th International Film Festival of India: Techniques and History of  Filmmaking

This year's film festival selected 250 films from 78 countries across the world, including 68 international and 17 Indian feature films, and the festival was viewed for 30,000 minutes. Information and Broadcasting Minister Shri Thakur said, "Cinema is the medium which gives information to the world. Connects on one platform. To awaken the feeling of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' and unite the world on one platform without any discrimination, caste, language, or boundary. Cinema is the medium that gives the world a vision and message of one family, one country, and one future."

American director Kolodny's film 'Feather Weight'

This time the closing film of the film festival was American director Kolodny's film 'Feather Weight', which was highly discussed. Michael Douglas was honored with the Satyajit Ray Life Time Award by Goa Chief Minister Shri Pramod Sawant at this year's closing ceremony. Among other honored awards, the Best Film (GOLDEN PECOCK) award was given to the film 'Endless Border' directed by Abbas Amini. The Best Director award was given to Stepan Komondrev for the film 'Blog's Lessons'. Best Actor (Male) Award went to Poriya Rahimi Sam for 'Endless Border' and the Best Actor (Female) Award to Melanie Thierry for the film 'Party of Fools'. Special Jury (SILVER PEOCOCK) award to Rishabh Shetty for the Kannada film 'Kantara'. UNESCO Gandhi Medal was given to the film 'Drift' and the Debut Director Award was given to Turkish director Regar Azad for the film 'When the Seedlings grow'. This time, OTT films are also being included in the ceremony. 'Panchayat Raj Season 2' has received this honor in this category.


Information and Broadcasting Minister Shri Anurag Thakur cannot be praised enough for making this program a success following Indian culture and colorful tradition. The guests were awestruck by the concluding performance of actor Ayushmann Khurana. This ceremony has increased the respect of the country among foreign filmmakers and the audience. While bidding goodbye, everyone had only one feeling in their mind - Jai Cinema! Victory to India!!


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