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“EK KOSHISH Is An Hour Long Docu-Feature On One Of India’s Leading Social Activists – Tarique Mohammed”


Jyothi Venkatesh

Climb Media a leading Production House and a winner of 22 President’s National Awards is planning to tell the life of one of India’s leading social activists – Tarique Mohammed who has dedicated his life to ensuring and establishing the rights of the homeless. The film aims to change the societal mindset towards the homeless and get the government to pay attention and provide safe shelter. For this reason, Climb Media has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Ketto to assist with financing the production.

EK KOSHISH is an hour long docu-feature on one of India’s leading social activists – Tarique Mohammed – who has dedicated his life to ensuring and establishing the rights of the homeless. His organisation, Koshish, fights injustice and violence against the homeless on the streets and inside State-run shelters each and every day. This is the same NGO that unearthed the Muzaffarpur Shelter Home horror.

Where are you filming?

We are traveling to Bihar, Karnataka, Maharashtra, UP and remote villages like Akbarpur, near Kanpur (Tarique’s hometown).

Why crowdfunding?

We are currently shooting the film and need funds for the last leg – post-production, which includes editing, sound design, and more. While our total budget for the film is INR 50 Lakh, we are raising funds INR 10 Lakh to cover for these expenses.Crowdfunding enables us to build a strong community of activists who will talk about the cause and raise their voices against the brutality inflicted on the homeless.

What is your inspiration?

We believe in Tarique’s mission. Our director, Kireet Khurana, first met Tarique at Aspire Circle – a fellowship program for social leaders. He still vividly recollects the day when Tarique narrated his personal journey. At that very moment, he knew that there was an extraordinary story waiting to be told. Tarique’s narration was simple, yet incredibly honest. He had the sheer determination to take on the State and advocate for the thousands of women, children, and men that are considered “invisible”. To him, they are everything.

How much of the film is ready and what next?

We are shooting in phases in Delhi, UP, Bihar, Maharashtra and Karnataka. We have multiple cities to cover to ensure that every relevant story of solace, comfort or repatriation is captured in the film and is as true to its core as possible.

What are the risks and challenges associated with the project?

CLIMB MEDIA is a 22-time National award-winning Production House. Our stellar team has extensive experience in creating impactful and powerful cinema and documentaries on human rights issues. The key challenge through this journey has been finding the right backers – the ones who believe in the cause and our film as deeply as we do. Tarique’s story is one that needs to be told to ensure that people take action and raise their voices for the cause.

How will the funds be used?

Join us in our efforts by talking about the film, sharing this link, and contributing (every penny counts).

To watch the teaser, click the link below:

To know more about this campaign kindly click on the following link:

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