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Election Day TV Celebs Tell Why Everyone Must Vote Today!


Jyothi Venkatesh

The elections for the Maharashtra legislative assembly election are underway today. Here is what these celebrities need to say about the importance of today and what the new state government should focus on.

Vijayendra Kumeria

Maharashtra legislative assembly elections, of course, is as important as the Lok Sabha elections. State governments play an important role for the central government to implement policies and bring development. I will definitely find time to vote on 21st October. If we talk about Mumbai, there are many challenges that this city is facing, out of which infrastructure development and global warming according to me are the biggest problems. Problems related to slums like lack of planned access to clean water and sanitation system, poor health, lack of education and unemployment also need to be addressed. Proper planning for road safety and traffic is also required. I hope the new state government brings solutions to all these problems in the next 5 years.

Shridhar Watsar

Yes, I am going to vote. Burning issues of Mumbai is traffic due to the metro that should be resolved fast and I am expecting that the Aarey issue should be dealt with. I am disappointed also with this government.

Ankit Bathla

Elections are always very important for any democracy as it lets people choose their leader. I cast my vote in Delhi. I have recently come across so many theft cases on the highway and eve-teasing which I had never heard of in Mumbai. I think we need to keep a check on this immediately. I think the government should focus on speeding the process for metro construction and also streamlining the housing industry. Along with that, let’s aim at creating greener patches rather than destroying them like Aarey.

Rehaan Roy

Voting is a power given to all the citizens of our country to choose the right person as a leader. We must use this power at the right time and that’s the election. We can’t skip voting and blaming the chosen government after the election is done. So definitely, I’ll go and vote today and I would appeal to everyone to step out of the house and vote for our city. There are many issues going on at this moment in Mumbai amongst which I think cutting trees in Aarey is the biggest one. We can’t just scream for clean Mumbai green Mumbai. We must fight for it. I expect the new government to take necessary action against this and save the forest and maintain the greenery in Mumbai.

Aastha Chaudhary

Maharashtra election is very important because we stay over here and from the last 11 years, I am over here, so problems related to here are my problems too. Unfortunately, I can’t cast my vote because I have Rajasthan voter ID and I really hope that in the coming day’s government, everything should be done online. From the new government, I really hope that they should do something about the traffic and roads need to be constructed as well.

Dalljiet Kaur

Obviously, this election is very important because every election decides the progress of the city. I think the main issue is the rain. Proper work needs to be done so that the rains don’t stop traffic in the city. The kind of traffic I have faced is so bad. It has taken me about 2 1/2 hours to reach my son’s school once because of a traffic jam because of the rain. Traffic is the biggest issue. If the traffic is sorted, I think most of the Mumbaikars will be happy and half of the things will be sorted. Even the new bridges which were made just a month ago, already they have potholes and are already breaking. There has to be something done for pets also. Some kind of arrangement should be done for the strays on the street as well.

Ansh Bagri

My voter ID is in Delhi so I can’t vote in Mumbai but definitely I want certain things to get better. The biggest issue in Mumbai that I feel is walking tracks. I think when we drive, the people who are walking don’t get space to walk on the road. This is very unsafe for people and yes, the parking issue also needs to be solved. Whichever government comes, I want that they should improvise the education system and spread more awareness related to education. Children who beg on the road should focus on education and the government should do something related to this. Our government has always focused on child labor and they should also focus on child begging. Children, instead of begging, should do something productive for their future.

Rajesh Kumar

Any election at any given point of time is very important for the citizens of the country because it’s not that you are selecting someone only and your job is over, this is the democratic way of living. So, the job starts once you elect the candidate whom you want. This day should not be treated like any other holiday, it should be more about your participation in building a nation. It is as important as that. I am going to definitely cast my vote today. The main issue that must be the infrastructure of Mumbai. A lot of development is happening but the pace of it is a little slow because of so much inconvenience on the street. The water issue needs to be handled.

Subuhi Joshi

I believe elections are very important for any citizen but the issue which I face in Mumbai is that I cannot cast my vote since my voter ID card has my Delhi address. I have to run to Delhi every time when I want to cast my vote. I guess this is a major issue for a number of people who have migrated from their native towns and cities in search of jobs or for any other reason. And there should be some solution to it. Also, I believe the burning issues of Mumbai should include poor road conditions, waterlogging, traffic.

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