A look of Salman Khan made Zareen Khan's career

Zareen Khan debuted in Bollywood with Salman Khan and despite the film not doing well, she was well-liked by the audience

Zareen Khan is celebrating her 37th birthday today

Before entering the film industry, Zareen Khan was overweight but she worked hard to lose weight

In an interview, Zareen Khan expressed her gratitude towards Salman Khan for changing her life and helping her enter the industry

Zareen Khan's weight became a national issue and she faced trolling even after losing 50 kg

Working with Salman Khan was like a dream for Zareen Khan and she considers it a turning point in her career

The shooting for the film Veer, in which Zareen Khan worked with Salman Khan, took a year and a half and was shot on and off

Zareen Khan's experience of working with Salman Khan felt surreal and she couldn't believe she was actually working with him

Zareen Khan's family has always been a fan of Salman Khan, so working with him was a dream come true for her

Zareen Khan's journey in the film industry started with Salman Khan and she is grateful for the opportunity