Akshay Kharodia on Balancing Work and Long-Distance Marriage

Akshay Kharodia discusses the challenges of balancing work and family in a long-distance marriage, emphasizing the difficulties but mutual decision with his wife to maintain their setup due to their preferences and work commitments

After facing a setback when a film project he was involved in got shelved, Akshay reflects on the experience, acknowledging the toll it took on him but also emphasizing the importance of bouncing back and staying optimistic

Following his break from television to pursue a film career, Akshay is now back on the small screen, starring in the show Suhaagar, highlighting the lesson he learned about perseverance and not letting one bad experience hinder his future endeavors

In a recent interview, Akshay shares insights on navigating challenges and maintaining a positive outlook on future projects, showcasing his resilience and determination in the face of setbacks

Akshay's personal life includes a long-distance marriage with his wife Divya Punetha, who lives in Dehradun with their daughter while Akshay's work keeps him elsewhere Despite the distance, they make efforts to spend time together and prioritize their relationship.