Akshay Kumar's 'Sarfira' Trailer Breaks 2024 Viewing Records

Akshay Kumar's upcoming film "Sarfira" has created a buzz online, breaking records as the most viewed Hindi movie trailer of 2024

The trailer's success is attributed to the impactful content that resonates with the audience, marking a return to the big screen for Akshay Kumar

Songs like 'Maar Udi' and 'Khudaaya' from the film have gone viral on social media, adding to the anticipation for the movie's release

"Sarfira" showcases Kumar in a role of a determined individual fighting for his dreams, appealing to fans of his content-driven film choices

The film, set in the world of startups and aviation, aims to inspire viewers to dream big and pursue their aspirations, even if deemed unconventional

Written by Sudha and Shalini Ushadevi, with dialogues by Pooja Tolani, and music by GV. Prakash Kumar, "Sarfira" boasts a strong production team.

Scheduled for a nationwide release on July 12th, the movie is expected to continue Akshay Kumar's legacy of engaging storytelling

Fans eagerly await the full movie, eager to witness the narrative unfold and be inspired by the entrepreneurial theme of "Sarfira"