Arjun Bijlani's Mauritian Getaway: Balancing Work and Family

Actor Arjun Bijlani, known for his role in the TV show "Pyaar ka pehla Adhyay: Shiv Shakti," takes a break from work and travels to Mauritius with his family

Bijlani emphasizes the importance of balancing work and personal life, stating that taking time off is essential for recharging and spending quality time with loved ones

The actor acknowledges the challenges of working in a daily soap and believes that giving oneself 1-2 days of rest is crucial for bouncing back

Bijlani expresses gratitude for the opportunity to unwind and reconnect with himself and his family during the vacation, considering these moments as priceless

After the vacation, Bijlani feels re-energized and ready to dive back into work with renewed enthusiasm, highlighting the positive impact of taking a break

The article also mentions other TV shows and events, such as the milestone of 100 episodes for the show "Atal" and the tribute to Imtiaz Ali's masterpiece, "Chamkila"

Arjun Bijlani's character in the TV show is mentioned briefly, highlighting the learning experience he gains from playing the role