Arjun Mathur Wins Best Actor, Anshuman Jha Best Director UKAFF 2024

Arjun Mathur won the Best Actor award at the UK-Asian Film Festival 2024, while Anshuman Jha won the Best Director award for 'Lord Curzon Ki Haveli'

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Arjun Mathur Wins Best Actor, Anshuman Jha Best Director UKAFF 2024
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Actor Anshuman Jha's directorial debut - 'Lord Curzon Ki Haveli' won him the 'Best Director' award at the prestigious UK-Asian Film Festival 2024 and his lead character Arjun Mathur was honored with the 'Best Actor' award.

This black comedy thriller –has had a wonderful festival run for the past six months – received a standing ovation at a packed theater at London's historic Regent Street Cinema last Saturday.

Anshuman Jha Reflects on London Premiere Success

Anshuman Jha said, "Our team was there to feel the love of the audience. This victory feels like a full circle in Britain. The film is about Asian identity and immigrants in the West, so we're thrilled with this win in London. Because we shot the film in the UK and have been traveling around the world with it and now to win at our British premiere is something I'm really grateful for. Especially for Arjun, because I really think this movie is one of his best performances, if not his best. I believe every film needs to entertain and ask questions. We are eagerly waiting for its release later this year. ,

Arjun Mathur said, "I had decided to pursue acting in London in the year 2000. And it feels great to win this award here. I thank Rohit and Anshuman for giving me this opportunity and keeping me at the forefront of this process."We had a lot of fun during this movieAnd he has made exactly the same film as he told me in his first statement. We had a lot of fun doing this together."

Lord Curzon is the first mainstream Indian feature film to be shot entirely on single lens technology and is garnering worldwide appreciation for it.

Lord Curzon

A huge congratulations to the team behind "Lord Curzon Ki Haveli". The film, which marks the directorial debut of actor Anshuman Jha, has been on a winning streak at film festivals for the past six months. And the good news keeps coming. At the prestigious UK-Asian Film Festival 2024, the black comedy thriller not only received a standing ovation from the packed audience but also won two major awards.

Anshuman managed to keep the Best Director trophy in his hands, while Arjun Mathur was the Best Actor. It's worth noting that this win is of particular relevance to him because the film is about Asian self-identification and is dedicated to Western immigration.

The fact that the film's world premiere was held in the UK, where the film was filmed, and the actors won awards, makes this success even sweeter. Jha committed himself to recognition, particularly for Mathur's performance, which he believes is one of the actor's most remarkable performances.

However, here, he emphasized on the dual purpose of the film, which is to entertain as well as make people think and raise the curiosity to see more of the film in the coming months. Mathur, who made the equally interesting choice of acting in London in the year 2000, expressed similar sentiments towards Jha. He said that the award he won in London was kind of an amazing experience, and he thanked Jha for his clear vision and said that he was able to make exactly the film he had envisioned.

Another point about the film is that "Lord Curzon's Mansion" has been given the title of the first picture made entirely on the basis of a single-lens system. It is this new approach that has won the film much praise and appreciation from critics around the world. With a festival run, critical acclaim and a team of professionals behind the scenes, "Lord Curzon's Mansion" is definitely a reason to watch the film.


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