‘Ashq Kaise Chupaogi’: A Journey with Yashika Basera & Jatinder Singh

The song "Ashq Kaise Chupaogi" is a heartfelt expression brought to life by a talented ensemble of artists and creators

Produced by Sanjay Bedia Girgovker, the song combines soulful music, evocative lyrics, and poignant visuals under the direction of Munish Kalyan

Yashika Basera and Jatinder Singh shine as lead artists, delivering passionate performances that resonate with the song's themes

Aman Khan's vocals bring life to the lyrics written by Salim Ilahi Idrisi, enhancing the emotional journey depicted in the music video

The production features captivating performances by Pema Lamu as the mother figure and Mahira Kalyan as the child artist, enriching the narrative

Musical arrangements by Musical Affair complement the lyrical composition, creating a harmonious blend of melody and emotion

The cinematography captures the essence of each scene, weaving visuals that align with the song's narrative, thanks to the talented Lensman

Gagan Bhamra's editing and direction ensure a seamless storytelling flow, while makeup artist Kiran and costume stylist Darshna Kumari Kalyan enhance the visual appeal and authenticity of each character