Babil Khan's Heartwarming Collaboration with Mother Sutapa Sikdar

While Babil Khan’s dream of with his dad Irfan couldn't be fulfilled, his exciting collaboration with mother Sutapa Sikdar will surely put a smile to all your faces

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Babil Khan's Heartwarming Collaboration with Mother Sutapa Sikdar

The young and talented Babil Khan, known for his stellar performances in various projects including the recently released Netflix series - The Railway Men, has been garnering widespread acclaim not only for his acting prowess, but also for his heartwarming and down-to-earth behaviour with friends, family, colleagues, media as well as his fans. His deep-seated affection for his late father, the legendary Irrfan Khan, and his wonderful mother, Sutapa Sikdar is also quite evident and has won him a lot of love. In fact, his adorable bond with his mother, often showcased through candid moments and playful exchanges on social media, has endeared them to audiences worldwide. In fact, the duo's recent viral sociap media banter, showcasing their endearing camaraderie and infectious wit, cannot be missed!

Babil Khan and Sutapa Sikdar's First Collaboration: A Heartfelt Tribute

Babil Khan's Heartwarming Collaboration with Mother Sutapa Sikdar

The duo are collaborating for an exciting new and upcoming project, but before that, their viral video grabbed everyone's attention. Promising to celebrate of their unique relationship and shared talents, the yet to be unveiled project will mark the first-ever collaboration between Babil Khan and his mother - Sutapa Sikdar. He had expressed how he would've loved to worn with his father, or at least wished he could've shown his work to him. In an interview, he had mentioned, “That feeling of not being able to show him my work, and not being able to see him smile at what I have become (is unsettling), I am not saying that I have become something, just me as a person.”

While he sadly wasn't able to work his father, Babil is actually happy that he's got a chance to collaborate with his mom for this project, details of which are still under wraps. But fans can expect an amalgamation of heartfelt storytelling, genuine emotions, and perhaps a dash of the signature wit that has come to define the duo's interactions.

Babil Khan's Heartwarming Collaboration with Mother Sutapa Sikdar

In his recently viral video, which seems to be a teaser announcement to their project, Babil can be seen talking to his mother while she is browsing on her smartphone and pulling his leg. He says, "Mumma yarrrr, yeh toh maine hi aapko sikhaya hai, hum se hi smart cheezein sikhte ho aur smart bante ho," (Mom, I taught you this and now you’re having fun learning all the smart things from me). Prompted by Babil's playful banter, his mother offers her perspective on the matter. She wittily suggests that it’s her generation who has always been smart, which is why they are always right and know what they want.

The banter continues as Babil jokingly points out that’s not true and the struggles his parents’ generations have faced for simple things like trying to tune the TV or radio by adjusting the antennas on the terrace are not relatable now. He further playfully teases his mother about now enjoying time through Glance on her phone that offers news and sports updates, shopping, entertainment, gaming and much more, all on the smart lock screen. However, Babil's mother effortlessly counters by reminding him at that at least someone’s product is smart if not her son and goes on to take his case by highlighting all the not-so-smart decisions of the younger generation such as “10-minute mein khana delivery ka technology bana li hai but it takes you guys an hour to decide what to order." (Technology now enables delivery within 10 minutes but the younger generation takes an hour to decide what to order), or never reaching on time despite having digital maps or building artificial intelligence as they missed the boat on actual intelligence.

As anticipation mounts for this much-awaited collaboration announcement, fans and well-wishers of Babil Khan and Sutapa Sikdar are cherishing this playful bond and banter. With their infectious charm and undeniable talent, the mother-son duo is all set to captivate audiences, leaving an indelible mark on hearts around the world.


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