Bhoomika Meena: The Rising Star Who Believes in the Power of Training

Bhoomika Meena, the actress from the film Dukaan, believes in the power of training for actors

She has undergone various forms of training, including Kathak dance, theater, and acting classes

Bhoomika has trained under renowned institutes and teachers, such as The AdiShakti Laboratory for Theatre Arts and Research and Atul Mongia

She follows a daily ritual of Kriya yoga, physical fitness routines, voice training, and scene work to enhance her skills

Bhoomika emphasizes the importance of training for actors before presenting themselves on screen

Her hard work and dedication have paid off with her impressive performance in her Bollywood debut film

With her commitment to constant improvement, Bhoomika Meena is set to become one of the finest actors in the industry

She proves that preparation and hard work are essential for success in the glamorous world of acting