Bhumi Pednekar to Install Water Bowls in Mumbai for Animal Relief

Bollywood actress Bhumi Pednekar is working on a new project to provide relief to animals from the scorching heat in Mumbai

Pednekar's foundation, Bhoomi Foundation, is setting up water bowls in the city to help animals struggling to find water and cool off

The water bowls will serve as an essential source of hydration for birds and animals, preventing dehydration and health problems

Pednekar urges everyone to connect water sources in their society or neighborhood to support birds and stray animals

She has organized volunteers to install water bowls across the city and requested them to refill the bowls if needed

The initiative aims to address the challenges animals face during the summer and raise awareness about their well-being

Pednekar emphasizes the importance of understanding and taking care of the animals and birds around us

Access to clean water can reduce the risk of heatstroke and other health issues for animals

By providing water sources, individuals can make a significant difference in supporting the wildlife in their areas

Pednekar's project highlights the need for collective responsibility in ensuring the welfare of animals and birds