Daanish Khan Reflects on Sacrifice and Selflessness for Bakri Eid

Daanish Khan, a renowned Dubai-based event planner, is excited to celebrate Bakri Eid and share cherished traditions with friends and family

Daanish will host a close-knit Eid Biryani party, a highlight of his Eid celebrations

Bakri Eid is a time for celebration, introspection, and growth for Daanish He believes in compromising on things for a greater cause and aligning aspirations with a greater purpose.

Biryani and Sheer Khurma are essential parts of Daanish's Eid celebrations, adding special flavors to the festivities

Daanish and his wife will host a gathering featuring not only Biryani and Sheer Khurma but also an array of kababs, blending traditional tastes with contemporary flair

Childhood Eid celebrations hold a special place in Daanish's heart, filled with Eidi, feasts, prayers, and Sheer Khurma

Celebrating his first Eid in Dubai after marriage, Daanish looks forward to creating new memories while honoring old traditions