Dharamveer Mukkampost Thane 2 Teaser Unveils Saheb's 'Hindutva' Vision

Entertainment: Witness Saheb's vision of 'Hindutva' unfold on screen with Dharamveer Mukkampost Thane 2: first powerful teaser unveiled on Social Media

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Dharamveer Mukkampost Thane 2 Teaser Unveils Saheb's 'Hindutva' Vision
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One of the most highly anticipated films, 'Dharamveer Mukkampost Thane 2' is set to release on August 9, coinciding with Revolution Day. The film's highly powerful teaser was recently unveiled on social media, offering a glimpse into Saheb's vision of Hindutva, which promises to leave a lasting impression. A standout moment from the teaser features the dialogue, "If the woman in the house is sad, his worst days are sure," highlighting the film's emotional depth.

Produced by Mangesh Desai and Umesh Kr. Bansal, Sahil Motion Pictures and Zee Studios, 'Dharamveer Mukkampost Thane 2'  is directed by Pravin Vitthal Tarade, who has also worked on the story, screenplay, and dialogue. Mahesh Limaye is the cinematographer for the film. 


The poster for 'Dharamveer Mukkampost Thane 2' was unveiled with great fanfare, mentioning Saheb's profound philosophy of Hindutva, sparking excitement and anticipation among fans.

Dighesaheb's Bold Stand for Women in Poignant Rakhi Scene


The teaser features a poignant scene where a Muslim woman comes to Dighesaheb to tie a rakhi on his wrist. Saheb asks her to remove her veil, revealing her tortured face, which enrages him. He then sets out with the sisters from all over Maharashtra who had come to tie rakhis on his wrist, delivering the impactful line, "In whichever house a woman is sad, his bad days are sure."

'Dharamveer Mukkampost Thane 2' is set to release globally in both Hindi and Marathi on August 9, building up tremendous excitement and expectations amongst the audiences.

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