Elnaaz Norouzi Excels in Dual Roles: From Jameela to Fahima & Netra

Elnaaz Norouzi, known for her standout performance in "Sacred Games," excels in dual roles, showcasing her versatility and skill in portraying complex characters

In the series "Chutzpah," Elnaaz seamlessly embodies two characters, Sara and Wild Butterfly, each with their own unique traits and mannerisms

Elnaaz surprises audiences once again in "Rannneeti Balakot & Beyond," where she plays the role of Netra, an undercover agent in Pakistan as Fahima, impressing viewers with her transformation and action scenes

Playing two characters in the same series is a thrilling challenge for Elnaaz, requiring extensive preparation in language, looks, and movement to differentiate between the characters and connect with each one differently

"Rannneeti Balakot & Beyond" revolves around the journey of an RAW agent and his team as they retaliate against Pakistan, exposing the country's deceitful tactics and manipulation of global media

The series, directed by Santosh Singh, stars Jimmy Shergill, Lara Dutta, and other notable actors in pivotal roles

The show highlights the mission of rescuing a captured pilot amidst a backdrop of hybrid warfare and the aftermath of the Pulwama attacks

"Rannneeti Balakot & Beyond" is currently streaming on Jio Cinema