Elnaaz Norouzi Promotes Sustainability in 'Sacred Games' Premiere Outfit

Actress Elnaaz Norouzi promotes sustainability by re-wearing her outfit from the premiere of "Sacred Games" at a recent event celebrating World Environment Day

The event, organized by the Bhamla Foundation, focused on the theme of honoring and preserving the planet

Norouzi's decision to reuse her premiere outfit sends a powerful message about sustainability in the fashion industry and highlights the importance of reducing waste

Her actions serve as an example of how celebrities can use their influence to inspire sustainable practices

Norouzi was joined by actress Malaika Arora in urging people to take action for a sustainable future

Both actresses emphasized the need for environmental responsibility and the adoption of sustainable practices in daily life

Their collaboration at the event highlights the power of collective action and the influential role celebrities can play in driving positive change for the environment