Gulfam Khan Hussain on International Dance Day: Intoxicating Passion!

Gulfam Khan Hussain, an actress, expresses her love for dance and how it uplifts her mood

She enjoys dancing to various types of music, including Punjabi numbers like 'Ishq tera tadpave - Sukhbir'

Despite not having formal training in dance, Gulfam is tempted to start learning Bharatanatyam to improve her skills

She acknowledges the importance of grace in dance and praises choreographers for their ability to make anyone groove beautifully

Gulfam believes that dance will always have a place in the entertainment industry, both in Hindi cinema and occasionally in Hollywood

She enjoys watching dance reels and occasionally creates her own

Gulfam will soon be seen in a web series called Waack Girls that will be streaming on Amazon Prime

She is excited about her role in the series and looks forward to showcasing her passion for dance

Gulfam's love for dance aligns with the celebration of International Dance Day

Overall, dance is an intoxicating passion for Gulfam Khan Hussain, bringing joy and inspiration to her life