Hanuman Jayanti Special: Sneha Wagh's Divine Connection

Sneha Wagh, an actress known for her positive attitude, has a special connection with her show "Kahat Hanuman Jai Shree Ram" where she played the character of Shree Hanuman's mother, Anjani

Sneha Wagh received a video of Rajasthan's Mehendipur Balaji temple where people were bowing down and offering prayers near her painting with Bal Hanuman from the show

Sneha Wagh was surprised, shocked, and mesmerized by this holy situation at the temple and feels closer to the divine supreme

Sneha Wagh is a spiritual person in real life and enjoys reading about Indian mythology and visiting spiritual places

Playing the role of Anjani Devi, a fallen apsara from Indralok who later gave birth to Shri Hanumanji, was very close to Sneha Wagh's heart and she went through hardships to portray the divine feminine power

Unfortunately, the show was hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic and Sneha Wagh wishes they could continue as it had a lot of potential

Sneha Wagh cherishes her memories and association with the show "Kahat Hanuman Jai Shree Ram"

Sneha Wagh feels privileged about the characters she has played in her career

Sneha Wagh's work has made a strong impression on the viewers

Sneha Wagh's connection with the divine through her role in the show has touched the hearts of fans