How Aamir Khan looks young at the age of 59, told the secret

Aamir Khan appeared on The Great Indian Kapil Show and shared personal and professional details

When praised for his youthful looks, Khan attributed it to good genes and minimal skincare routine

He revealed that he doesn't work out, use face creams, or do anything special to maintain his appearance

Khan initially had reservations about playing a college student in the film "3 Idiots" at the age of 44

He was concerned about being ridiculed but eventually took on the role and trusted the director's vision

Khan expressed his admiration for director Rajkumar Hirani and his confidence in the story presented to him

The actor shared his lazy nature and how he only focuses on his body for specific film roles

The interview also touched upon Khan's discovery of shampoo and his previous use of soap for everything

The episode provided insights into Khan's personal journey and his approach to maintaining a youthful appearance

Overall, the interview showcased Khan's down-to-earth nature and his commitment to his craft