How Vasanth Kumar Padukone got ‘re-named’ as the legendary film-maker-actor ‘Guru Dutt’ ? Younger brother producer Devi Dutt (‘Masoom’) reveals the ‘gehra raaz’ ! by Chaitanya Padukone

Today marks the 99th birth anniversary of the legendary film-maker-actor Guru Dutt, known for his classic movies and timeless music that have a massive global fan following

Guru Dutt, originally named Vasanth Kumar Padukone, was renamed by spiritual godman Swami Ramdas to Gurudutt at a young age, and later split his name to become Guru Dutt under the guidance of director Gyan Mukherjee

Devi Dutt, Guru Dutt's younger brother and noted Bollywood producer, shared insights into Guru Dutt's life, including his early days as a trainee sound-man and his unfulfilled dreams of filmmaking and studio development

Guru Dutt's dreams of transforming his bungalow into an eight-storey building, saving his studio from demolition, and directing new films were cut short by his accidental death in 1964 due to an overdose of sleeping pills

Devi Dutt dedicated the film "Masoom" to the memory of his mentors Geeta Dutt and Guru Dutt, showcasing the lasting impact of Guru Dutt's legacy in the film industry

Guru Dutt's filmography includes timeless classics such as "Pyaasa," "Chaudhvin Ka Chaand," "Kaagaz Ke Phool," "Saheb Bibi Aur Ghulam," "Mr & Mrs. '55," and "Aar Paar," which continue to be celebrated by audiences.

The article, written by Chaitanya Padukone, sheds light on the life and legacy of Guru Dutt through personal anecdotes from Devi Dutt, offering a glimpse into the iconic filmmaker's journey

As fans prepare to celebrate Guru Dutt's centenary year, his contributions to Indian cinema and his unique artistic vision continue to inspire filmmakers and audiences alike