Indians Shine at Cannes: Payal Kapadia Wins Grand Prix

Indian filmmakers and actors have made a mark at the Cannes Film Festival

Payal Kapadia's film 'All That We Imagine as Light' won the Grand Prix, making it the first Indian film to achieve this honor in 30 years

Kapadia expressed her happiness about the recognition and highlighted the diverse and interesting films being made in India

Anasuya Sengupta won the Best Actress Award for her performance in 'The Shameless', hoping to inspire women to come forward and claim their place

FTII student Chidanand S Naik's film 'Sunflower Were the First Ones to Know' won the 'La Cinef Award' for the best short film, bringing glory to India

The Cannes Film Festival is no longer just about fashion but also recognizes the talent of Indian cinema

Kapadia's film challenges societal misconceptions about female friendships

The Indian film industry has a lot to offer, with films made in multiple languages and from different states