Jason Tham Envisions Playing Bhagat Singh, British Foe, Unstoppable

Actor Jason Tham, known for his roles in films like Happy Phir Bhag Jayegi and Rocket Gang, is currently starring in the OTT series Swaraj as King Narenderjit

In Swaraj, Tham portrays the character of Narenderjit, the prince of Manipur, who fought against the Britishers during the war of 1857

Tham found portraying a character in a period drama challenging, especially with limited resources He had to work on his speech, which was a mix of Urdu and Hindi.

The costume and production team did a fabulous job in creating the look for the series, which was shot on the outskirts of Mumbai

Tham expresses his admiration for the unsung heroes and freedom fighters of our nation, highlighting their sacrifices and the inspiration they provide

If given the opportunity, Tham would like to play the iconic freedom fighter Bhagat Singh, known for his bravery and defiance against the Britishers

Tham enjoyed the process of living and portraying Narenderjit's life, from his childhood to becoming a beacon of hope for his people

As an artist, Tham believes it is important to showcase variety through his craft and is grateful for the chance to explore different roles

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